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In his own words, Anthony Quails “can’t get away from being a storyteller.”  As a troubadour with over 20 years of songwriting experience, Quails taps into folk tradition while imparting his own gentle insights to create songs that feel timeless and universal without being trite. 

After exploring his ideas through myths and fables on his sophomore record, Before the Bright Lights, Quails turned inward. He took a break from performing to focus on his family and his role as a father. In his return to songwriting, Quails pivoted to autobiography, chronicling five moments from this three-year period that have shaped him as a person and an artist.

With utmost honesty and sincerity, The Man I Thought I’d Never Be intimately explores grief, doubt, marriage, raising children, and growing old. Quails covers these sensitive topics with a grace and charm that—supported by a warm, delicate sonic palette—make his songs as approachable as they are poignant. 


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